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Cwrt Bleddyn wedding

Cwrt Bleddyn is a 16th century manor house. A perfect place to create an event as grand, intimate, stylish or as romantic as you’d wish for.
It was my first wedding coverage in this beautiful venue… And my only wish is to go back as the place as so many options for beautiful imagery.
My imagination was just buzzing around this venue. A truly beautiful place in Monmouthshire.

Today, I present the wedding of Gillian & Regan. A very good looking couple that have spend the most beautiful day of their life surrounded by their favourite people.

cwrt Bleddyn_0016.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0017.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0021.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0022.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0018.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0019.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0039.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0020.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0023.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0027.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0024.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0025.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0026.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0029.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0030.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0031.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0032.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0033.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0034.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0035.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0036.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0037.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0040.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0038.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0041.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0042.jpg

cwrt Bleddyn_0043.jpg

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Asian Wedding photo-Videographer

I’m so excited to share the beautiful wedding of Bikrumjit & Jaskaran this week. A festive evening at Rasoi Indian kitchen in Pontlliw.

I love South Asian weddings because of all vibrant colors, the meaningful customs, and the intense energy & emotion.
Bikrumjit & Jaskaran traditional culture is so important to them, and yet at the same time they are such an international, contemporary couple – showing this in their wedding images was my goal.

Asian Wedding_0032.jpg

Asian Wedding_0033.jpg

Asian Wedding_0034.jpg

Asian Wedding_0035.jpg

Asian Wedding_0036.jpg

Asian Wedding_0037.jpg

Asian Wedding_0038.jpg

Asian Wedding_0039.jpg

Asian Wedding_0040.jpg

Asian Wedding_0041.jpg

Asian Wedding_0042.jpg

Asian Wedding_0043.jpg

Asian Wedding_0044.jpg

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Special Offer Wedding South Wales

Enjoy a special treat with sense of Art/Fusion Imagery.

special offer wedding

There are many reasons it is important to take engagement photos once you have become engaged. An engagement session with your photographer is without a doubt one of the greatest services you and your fiancé can take advantage of prior to your wedding. As a couple who likely has never been photographed professionally before, the engagement session is a valuable tool to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Establishing a relationship with your photographer long before your wedding will make a difference in the outcome of your wedding images.
I spend about an hour or two with my couples watching them, listening to them, having fun with them, getting to know them, and photographing them all at the same time.
I take note of how they interact with each other, their individual personalities, and even their quirks. These mental notes, along with many other conches and subliminal thoughts help me to capture and photograph images on the wedding day that are unique to that couple.

I can promise you once you see your engagement images and you are excited about them, you will have more confidence in yourselves and in your photographer. On the wedding day you will look forward to having your picture taken, instead of dreading the thought of having a camera pointed at you all day.

wedding invitation-1

Once you have your engagement images there are many things you can do with them. They can be given, as gifts to the family, parents especially always appreciate photographs of their children. You can make a small album or a coffee table box for yourselves.They may be used in your wedding program, invitation, or in a save-the-date card.I’m more than happy to design invitation that would reflect your personalities and the theme of your wedding. Cards with envelope starts from £2/each and really stand out from the traditional cards.
Most of my clients also order some sort of wall collage or portrait to hang on the wall in their new home. I find my couples would rather have an engagement image on their wall instead of one in their wedding attire, however some do both. We all have individual tastes so there is no right or wrong.

engagement session wales

Knowing and liking your vendors, especially the photographer, is significant in the success of your wedding and will help keep you focused on the real reason you are having a wedding in the first place, each other.

Visit our website to discover our fusion imagery.
Fusion between short video clips and photography.

marketting wedding

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New house Hotel Thornhill Wedding

Another beautiful wedding under our welsh weather:
We’ve had some heavy wind and rain, with a beautiful sunshine…
The lighting was magical… to reflect their sensational day.
Congratulations Charlene & Christopher! You’re a gorgeous couple!
I wish you all the best in your marital life!

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0001.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0002.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0003.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0004.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0005.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0006.jpg

A word from our bride Charlene:
We have both loved planning the wedding every step of the way!
It is lovely to have all our close friends and family together to celebrate the best day of our lives !
We have been together for 3years now and have more fun and exciting times ahead!
We loved every part of the day it was amazing,it was relaxed,just what we wanted!

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0007.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0008.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0009.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0010.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0011.jpg

Couldn’t stop smiling,all of the day went so perfect we couldn’t have wished for anything more!now we are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives as me and mrs and making happy memories for ourselves!

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0012.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0013.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0014.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0015.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0016.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0017.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0018.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0019.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0020.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0021.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0022.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0023.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0024.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0025.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0026.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0027.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0028.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0029.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0030.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0031.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0032.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0033.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0034.jpg

New house hotel Cardiff thornhill_0035.jpg

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The Bear Hotel Cowbridge Spring Wedding

Rhys & leanne’s magical day at the Bear hotel Cowbridge.

Leanne has written her story for us! I must say: Karma is working well for them.
They are just so kind & down to earth… Read along, their story really shows justice!
I’m once more, so blessed to be part of this important stepping stone: Marriage.
I wish you both and little Joshua… exactly what you deserve: Happiness!

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0001.jpg

As most know, Rhys and I first met on holiday in Kos in 2007. Rhys was on a lads holiday and I was on a girlie holiday with a group a girls I didn’t really know. My friend from work said she was going to Kos with some of her friends from university and asked whether I wanted to tag along as she knew I wanted to go away…. so I did.

As I was a tag along, I had to stay in a different hotel to the girls but they were staying in the same hotel as where Rhys and the boys were staying

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0002.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0006.jpg

Due to me being such a lightweight, I missed the bar crawl where the girls got to know the boys, but the next night, we bumped into them again in a bar and this is where I met Rhys. He was sitting next to Nicola (who’s my bridesmaid today) and we got chatting. I took a fancy to him straight away and discreetly asked Nicola to swop chairs with me so I could get to know him better. We discovered that we both lived in Cardiff and had a few things in common such as liked the same bands. By the end of the night we made a pact, if we keep in touch when we got home, I would go to a Foo Fighters concert with him and he would come to a boxing match with me. We had our first date at an Indian restaurant in Kos, which he paid for and got to know each other more. Rhys went home and I still had another week left but we spoke to each other every day which was expansive (came home to a £120 phone), but worth every penny. On the first night back in Cardiff, we met up and haven’t looked back.

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0007.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0009.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0008.jpg

Rhys proposed on 14 September 2011 whilst we were on holiday in New York. I’ve always mentioned that I thought how romantic the film Sleepless in Seattle was, where they meet on top of the Empire State building and how romantic it would be if your partner proposed to you. And that’s what happened. It was a total shock to me when Rhys got down on one knee, let’s just say it was a very quick proposal as I could see that Rhys was very uncomfortable and anxious bearing in mind that he’s scared of heights. I quickly said yes, he placed the ring on my finger, we had a quick kiss and a cuddle and he went straight down in the lift as he couldn’t cope with the height any longer, leaving me looking at this beautiful ring on my finger. I couldn’t pick a better place to get engaged.

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0012.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0014.jpg

The plan was to have a 2 year engagement which would give us plenty of time to plan the big day but also to buy our first home together. On New Years Eve, 2011, the plan changed as I found out that I was pregnant. We were very shocked but happy at the same time. On 29th of August 2012, I gave birth to our beautiful son, Joshua Brady Thomas

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0015.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0016.jpg

After 6 months of changing nappies, feeding and sleepless nights, we started looking at wedding venues and after visiting many, we chose The Bear Hotel as we attended Rhys’ cousin’s wedding there the previous year and loved the place.

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0017.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0018.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0019.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0020.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0021.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0013.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0022.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0023.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0024.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0027.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0025.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0028.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0030.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0031.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0032.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0033.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0034.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0035.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0036.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0037.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0038.jpg

Once the date was picked, the planning started. I tried to get Rhys involved with as much as possible but said that I could have anything I wanted. The only request Rhys had was that he would love to wear a welsh kilt, which I granted.

We chose 2 themes, I chose hearts as its very romantic and Rhys chose American football. We went to see our first American Football game in New York, New York Jets V Dallas Cowboys and since then have been to many games in Wembley.

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0003.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0039.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0040.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0041.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0042.jpg

My step mum’s friend (Mel Ralph) is making the wedding cake who made our son’s 1st birthday cake.

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0004.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0043.jpg

My uncle (Julian Thomas) is the guitarist of the wedding band. “Undercover”

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0044.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0045.jpg

The last 13 months have been very challenging, with organising the wedding, Joshua growing to be a mischievous but adorable toddler, and buying our first house but it has all been worth it.

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0046.jpg

The Bear hotel Cowbridge_0047.jpg