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“Honk” the musical by Mark Jermin

Honk! is a comedy musical telling the story of the Ugly Duckling, it opened in Penarth at The Pagets Rooms on Thursday 14th February 2013 through till Saturday 16th.

The tale focuses on the issue of bullying, rejection and accepting yourself and others, despite any differences. Issues that the Ugly Duckling, called Ugly by his family and neighbors, must cope with…

The play is filled with colourful, comical and endearing characters, performed by a cast of over 70 children with an average of 11. Every cast member made their characters come to life and truly showcased the talent displayed by this young cast.

The musical is set on a duck pond and features Ugly, a duckling who is rejected by everyone but his mother, Ida; a sly tomcat who wants to eat Ugly; and other barnyard animals.

South Wales premier stage school Mark Jermin performed this family, fun filled musical with a cast of talented local youngsters, who have attended rehearsals of singing, dancing and acting since September 2012.
Produced and Directed by Mark Jermin

Musical director Dan fulham.

I’ve asked Katie Farmer, (mother of Alfie and Annie who are both student at Mark jermin school) to write a feedback about the Mark Jermin experience.
People who are part of the school will surely agree with her statement:

“My son joined the Penarth Mark Jermin Stage School in January 2010
when it first opened and he has loved every minute of it. Mark’s
commitment to teaching his students is immense. He is not driven by
financial reward but by the success and growth of every single student
on whatever level. This is so evident in his latest production HONK!,
if you were lucky enough to see it you would no doubt agree!”
Katie farmer

Please leave your comments , let’s spread the good words about this unique school that is Mark Jermin.

Fusion trailer of “HONK” version 1

The Cast

Ugly Jack Sullivan The main character , who is shunned for his odd appearance
Ida :Leona Vaughan/Sally fellow Ugly’s mother, the only one supportive of him
Cat: Gabby Harding Trying to eat Ugly, sly and cunning (a villain)
Drake Callum O neil Ugly’s father, who detests Ugly
Maureen Ebony-RioRees Ida’s friend, a little conceited
The Turkey Alex Collins who is afraid of Christmas

Grace: Jess James Eyres The most distinguished duck on the lake, or so she says because of the red band on her leg
Henrietta: Bethan Lock/Amy Yeo A friend of Maureen and Ida, she acts as somewhat a busybody
Bullfrog: Robert Brown Laid-back, self-confident frog
Queenie*: Catrin Morgan Domesticated cat
Lowbutt*: Manon Ogwen Domesticated chicken
Greylag (Dot’s husband) Callum Page Goose of a glittering military career
Dot: Mary Gale/ Elin Alexander Female goose, Greylag’s Wife
Penny:Caitlin taylor/ Molly Bryant A beautiful Swan who Ugly falls in love with


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2nd version of HONK trailer.

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Feb 24, 2013 by Liz hooper

Wow , Well-done to all cast, You were all superb, a fabulous production, professional as always, funny, colourful and a credit to the stage school.
Mark jermin has given stage school a new lease of life to Penarth. Long may you continue to direct shows here and else where!
Looking forward to the next show !!

Feb 22, 2013 by Sandra Radford

We absolutely loved every minute of the amazing show. All the students showed so much commitment and talent. All the hard work of the rehearsals really paid off. Congratulations to Mark and Louise for putting together such an fantastic show. A real treat for Penarth.

Sense of Art / Visual Photography , USA 5.0 5.0 2 2 Wow , Well-done to all cast, You were all superb, a fabulous production, professional as always, funny, colourful and a credit to the stage school.Mark jermin has given stage sch

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